Bearing The Cross

When you come across a corrupt government official, a backbiter, a liar and you do not make them feel guilty for their shortcomings; you are carrying the cross.

People have burdens of different forms, some decide to carry them on their sleeves, others hang it on their neck like jewels to show everyone; if you do any of these things you are not carrying the cross.

To become a cross bearer you must be humble, you must be loving, you must place others before yourself, you must have patience with people and with life and ultimately you must not envy.

When you live with another man or woman you must be helpful to them. When you wake up late, offer little or no assistance in housekeeping the relationship will strain; when this happens you have failed to carry the cross.

When a lie is told against you, when someone seeks to destroy your reputation, when these things and more are done to you and you are not provoked to retaliate; you are carrying the cross.

Can you rejoice even when things are getting worst? Can you find a smile in the midst of humiliation? If you are indifferent to good and bad human conditions; then you have learned to carry the cross.

Someone may hate you without reason, someone may try with all their time and effort to ruin your life, but when you continue to do good in the midst of strong temptation; then you have carried the cross.

A burglar may come to your house to steal and when he finds you willing to give him anything and even to help him carry the stolen goods, he may begin to come to his senses. He may become abashed because you have carried his cross.

When you are faced with a wicked person do not fight with him or her, allow them to carry on with their wicked ways; if you try to stop them when they are not appeased you are not carrying the cross.

Freedom from the world does not come easy. It arrives from accepting everything found in the world of good and evil without rejoicing or complaining; without even trying to change anything or anyone.

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