Moment Of Illumination

The result of past actions bring with them blessings or curses, what you did yesterday will assist or bring frustration today. And so we must be cautious how we act now.

No one can teach you what you don’t desire to learn, you cannot be coaxed or forced to understand anything. You alone have the choice either to grow or remain stagnant.

Comfort will not save you no matter how easy things get for your body. If the mind and soul are not at peace then all the comfort will bring little or no ease.

Focus in life is gotten from work, take away work and idleness will thrive. When work is not rooted in purpose such endeavor become drudgery.

You can only know for sure what you have experienced, there is no other way to know about anything only through direct experience.

What you seek will somehow elude you, that is the way life goes and what you give up seeking become yours without struggle.

The riddle of survival is what keeps the mind agile and keen. Without challenge and new problems we soon grow complacent, weak and self destruct.

Know yourself and it will be difficult for others to distract you. When you have no clue of what your life stands for, you will forget the higher calling.

A selfish man is dying slowly because he is losing his life force. If you want life you must cultivate selflessness and love toward all beings.

What I want is the muscle of iron and nerve of steel inside which dwell a mind of the same substance; to always find strength to believe in myself.

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