Journey To The Stars

Galaxies are the love triangle of the universe filled with dust and dark matter. Space trembles when group of stars are about to be born, the milky way glitter with new energy. Dwarf particles and giant rocks rotate around a center mass of light where the black hole breathes in and out to take hold of all in sight and restart a new circle.

Andromeda is near and far, a spiral galaxy of rare beauty with groups, clusters and supercluster forming a mystic ring. Her world is strange and within it are trillion worlds of light. The star gate opens and she bids me into her world. I see crimson clouds and purple mountains, seas sparkle of gold and the air is filled with mysterious fragrance.

Magical forests with musical clime, strange creature with thirty six limbs slouching toward a waterfall. Hanging islands with alabaster cities. Children with blue skin play on streets of gold. Locomotives without wheels whizz past the air and sensational chants are coming out of an ancient temple. Is this heaven or one of the lost worlds hidden in stars?

I see a form of a lizard crawling toward the celestial equator and into the dark void. I follow it’s tail and out of the darkness appear a light forming the shape of a giant with a shield bearing the appearance of “Orion” the celestial hunter. He thundered out loud: Who is he that wander the stars? Who is he that seek passage into the worlds of morning? And the mighty hands of Orion grasp at me and we sailed into the worlds of morning.

Mighty are the worlds of morning, within are stellar homes. Here is home to the seven giants that move from pole to pole building the mountains and parting the rivers to new courses. Mighty homes for mighty beings male and female alike. Giant birds of ancient times fly the skies and leviathan creatures peeping out of the waters.

Suns find new life here in the world of morning and return to dazzle the worlds. Out of a billion merging star a sun is born. The salamander spirit find no rest until worlds are heated, it permeate every world to start a circle of new life.

Earth is now a dying star, her light once shined brightly for all to admire but now darkness is eclipsing her light. Man is a child of the earth and all in it serves one purpose: to give him opportunity to find himself.

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