An Eye For An Eye

There are two ways to live as nature put it to us. You can decide to live a disciplined life, a life of awareness or you can decide to live heedlessly ending up with exactly what you put into the basket. Time frame make people believe justice is a joke or retarded process because a criminal may be wealthy and stretching his limbs while a modest person may be in distress.

We humans don’t really have a yardstick of how nature goes about rewarding and punishing. The judicial system in various countries try to mete out justice which sometimes is not really precise and even mistaken. In truth no one escapes from his or her deeds no matter how powerful they may be, what seem invincible to the human eye is nothing before the laws of nature, no matter who you think you are you are still part of the animal kingdom.

There are people who attract good luck and bad luck yet do not even know from where it comes, they never suspect good luck and bad luck emanate from behavior. Behavior is the most important factor in human affair; knowledge, background, status are all secondary. A leader that is selfish should not be criticized but pitied, those that take without giving in return are greatly indebted even if they feel they owe nothing to anyone.

Justice is most times served on the plate you least expect, it may take a different turn and happen where you never expected it. Happiness and suffering happens on different levels. Riches and fame is no safeguard against suffering and success can bring agony beyond endurance. Rich and famous persons are still under the laws of nature, no one is above the laws of cause and effect.

The principle of an eye for an eye work where such persons are deeply unconscious of their actions. They have no filter for how to behave and they unleash the worst of human nature on others. Flaws put each and every one of us under this law, this is the reason why we must grow to know our weaknesses and overcome them. Your weaknesses will place you under the law of an eye for an eye because that is the only way you can view your actions through the mirror of nature.

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