Ignorance, Knowledge, Awareness.

Ignorance is part of human nature and something we deny. We believe the cure for ignorance is knowledge, we go to school, read books, go through a process which makes us confident that we are not ignorant. What we humans are yet to understand is that the cure for ignorance is not knowledge but rather awareness. Awareness is something natural to every creature, it is the universal intelligence at work within each specie that shape, influence and direct the physical existence.

Someone with a curious mind may ask: what is the difference between knowledge and awareness, are they not the same? But in truth there is a red sea between them, you can have all the knowledge about something but no awareness, that is why genius is rare because it possesses knowledge and awareness. Awareness is natural, we inherit it from our life force, yet few are aware of how this operates within them. Knowledge, learning, experience are secondary because they cannot produce awareness; rather it is awareness that enliven them.

There are so many knowledgeable experts in the world but very few of them have the awareness to actually make a difference in their respective fields.

Awareness makes the difference and you don’t need much learning to be aware. Life has equipped us to be highly aware but we are ignorant of this truth. An example of this is the birth of a baby, parents believe the baby to be unconscious of the new surrounding and of its arrival but such is misjudgment because the baby is very much aware of its new condition. Awareness does not need a process it just happens.

Everything is contained within awareness and awareness is infinite. It has no known boundaries, this is why knowledge, learning, experience are so diverse and will always be misunderstood when the source is not known. The first spark of everything begin as awareness and when you can return back to that point you see things more clearly and give accurate interpretation. A painter that paints out of acquired skill, knowledge and experience may paint very well but not with the living touch of a painter with awareness.

Awareness is found in all living creatures but we are ignorant of this law. No one teaches a bird to fly, a spider to build an intricate web, a larva to become a butterfly; all these things are done by universal intelligence which works in all living creatures. We also have universal intelligence at work in us and it works in a very unique way, all we have to do is to be aware of it. Let it guide you in all you do, we are trained to deny it and we pay for this by living an unfulfilled life with all the education and ignorance attached.

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