Stress: Door To A Prosperous Life

Stress is seen mostly as a bad thing, people complain how life is so stressful and how they are pushed to the breaking point. We desire a life free from stress and we may be working towards it; but in truth there is nothing like a life completely free from stress. Stress is interwoven in life and this is true for all species. We must embrace stress as a part of our nature because it plays a vital role in our evolution.

We need stress and especially stressful situations to thrive. There is low grade stress and high grade stress which we all experience from time to time because no one is excluded from the states of stress. Low grade stress is what keeps the body moving and it is rooted in routines, while high grade stress is caused by situations and circumstances which demand we adapt, grow, take risks and even change.

We need only to come up with our different ways of handling the inevitable stress in our lives. Life is infused with stressful moments that can leave us depleted or confident, the better we learn to handle stressful situations the more confident we become. Stress can destroy our confidence levels because there are many factors that trigger stress and no matter what we do or do not do we cannot avoid them.

Embrace stress as part of your life, whenever you desire to move from point A to point B, it is a journey of stress and you must go through all sort of sensations before you arrive at your destination. There will be low grade stress and high grade stress along the way and at such point is when you have to be confident and pull through or get overwhelmed and quit. Stress makes people quit, the pressure can bring about feelings of helplessness.

Realize that you are designed to handle stress that is inherent in life, nature has prepared all creatures before time to handle various degrees of stress and you and I are not exempted. There are creatures that can travel tremendous miles without tiring and there are others that cannot, so you have a duty to know where your strength and endurance lie. Do not put yourself in overtly stressful situations beyond your nature that will only deplete you and damage your health.

Stress is important in our lives when we know how it profits us, there is nothing we do that is not infused with stress from going to school, reading books, getting married, raising children, building a career, they all are infused with low grade and high grade stress levels. We will have to navigate stress at every point and the most successful among us are those that have embraced stress as part of life.

Indolence is all about avoiding stress which only builds up and overwhelms the individual. The indolent man sees stress as a problem, then tries with all his strength to avoid it, which is almost impossible. He is afraid of taking risk because of the difficult sensations they stir up, he settles for less and ends up living a life of mediocrity and endless complains.

Success and prosperity are tied to high grade stress, which means always being on the edge far away from the comfort zone. We all have a choice when it comes to managing stress, we either embrace it and get comfortable with it or evade it and experience it as discomforts, anxieties and feelings of perpetual inadequacy.

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  1. I try to take a lesson from every stressful situation. For high grade stressors, you first have to do whatever it takes to survive and get through. Then, you can reflect to see what you learned. Hopefully, the lesson will make the next high grade stressor a little easier to work through.

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