Contemplative Meditation

Lured by the bait of pleasure you now find yourself in the grip of pain.

Effort is fruitless here, what you did not contemplate in time take on the momentum.

The fog in the air is heavy even those with great sight cannot see, only those with inner perception.

War is at hand with both friends and enemies until peace is found within the self.

All the money and power cannot subdue it, this human flaw; this human weakness that is deep without origin.

Look for it and you miss it, the truth is not found in manifestation of things, it is known when everything is forsaken.

Love is delusional, the love that is attached and full of craving, the love that cannot let go is not liberating.

When I thought I had it was when I lost it, when I thought I had found it was when I missed it; when I was confused and uncertain it felt better.

Stay behind and you can see clearly what is ahead, when you do not compete and compare you take your time in reaching the destination.

The bottom of a mountain is low but the peak is high. We must all begin from the low before we attain the high; therefore do not disdain little beginnings.

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