New Year Conundrum

Happy new year to everyone of my readers, we happened to make it through a dense period of the previous year and we find ourselves here in anticipation of what is next to follow. Each year is like a puzzle book or maybe it seems so to me, we try to find and piece the missing in order to find meaning. And so we all stand at this new level with our various riddles of survival with much thought on how to piece what lay ahead into our various masterpieces.

My own puzzle seem to be very complicated, I wonder how I will piece the puzzle together, but nevertheless I find myself in a peaceful mood because this has been the case all through the years. I start each year with wonder that sometimes lead into confusion but rather than feeling anxious I feel calm. Maybe it is nonchalance or maybe it is born out of the previous past of letting things find their own cause, who knows!

One of the conundrum of today is a pandemic that has no cure and all medical staffs, experts and students around the world are all hoping to find the missing piece. I heard that the solution has been somehow found at Oxford but I am skeptical if that is really good news. I hope we find the cure this year so that we can all resume our normal lives. But really have our lives been even normal, I believe the true abnormalities of our lives have now been fully revealed during the pandemic.

The political environment world wide is indeed heated and there is a lot of indecisiveness about the matters that are at hand. Deal or no deal, I wonder what that means or it’s ramifications. Let people go on with normal than officials trying to make controversies and stories for headlines. It’s all about the people, what they want and how they want to be governed. You may think I am presumptuous but as you can see I speak like a person not very much vested in politics.

The conundrums of today are numerous but many of them are being resolved by wonderful people. You see, the human population is ran by two kinds of people: the rational and the irrational, both have roles to play in the evolution of society just like clowns give us a good laugh. So this year we expect once again the eternal battle between good and evil, right and wrong, stupidity and wisdom.

I cannot change much and I am very sure you too cannot change much for a lot of things and attitudes are deep set. Try as you may you only return to the very point of human indifference. We can only do some things which are take good care of ourselves, make wise decisions, enjoy the show and always remember all that we experience here won’t last. Happy new year once again to all my readers.

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