Knowing Who You Are And What You Have

One of the great tragedy in life is that of not knowing who you are and what you have. We all have blessing and fortune to count but we don’t see them because we are always looking at the outside. It will pay dividend when an individual begins to see and take note of who they are and the blessing they enjoy. It begins by a simple process of observation in which we learn to pay attention to ourselves and our experience in order to find what we possess that are of great value.

We indeed live at a time of great discontent due to the different mediums in which we can keep up with others, including our favorite celebrities. With the arrival of Facebook and other platforms, we are constantly barraged and put in touch with what is happening with neighbour’s, friends and random strangers. We see all the good things happening to a few and we forget everyone is not governed by the same factors and live under the reign of their circumstance. Using such mediums we quickly get lost to our own benefits and are carried away with the benefits of others.

It is best to live a realistic life where we know and can count blessings that are natural to us. We are all blessed in different ways, yet we must also learn to realize what we have so we can build from whatever point we find ourselves. There are so many people that desire to be as successful as another, but what they fail to understand is that they do not have the temperament, disposition and ability that the other possesses. What they really need to do is to focus on themselves and get in touch with what make them an individual; with that in place they will find what to do that will bring their own kind of success.

You can spend your life trying to be like someone else or you can realize who you are and where to start. Your temperament, ability and preference are your biggest asset, you must know them thoroughly to discover what they hold for you. If you are the quiet introspective type don’t try to be noisy and gregarious like somebody else; such is not your original nature. When you know yourself and begin to build on your nature you will be better positioned to find the areas to best express yourself. And since your expressions are from an authentic source they will not fail to impress and start a ripple effect.

The road to a rich life is knowing deeply who you are and what you have at each point in time. Perhaps you may possess a loving family, a healthy body, an introspective mind, a good social awareness, all these are the things you can count on. Try each day to find confidence and fulfillment within your own mind. Start a process of self discovery in which you actively explore your life to take note of your valuables. When you are engrossed in such activities you will be so busy that you will no longer idle on what others are doing and having. You will begin to have vision of possibilities, success and your own future.

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