The Realist

The realist strive with every ounce of willpower to see things as they are not as they want them to be.

The realist is practical, clear headed and steady within the strong current of false ideas and sentiments.

The realist strive to speak and act in ways that call on people to become practical and well grounded.

The realist key into the slow but steady flow of life to realize every aspiration through patience.

The realist find joy in the simple, hard and bored which always lead to some form of inner strength and stability.

The realist value for cultivation is above the love of riches and the lure for the false and pretentious is replaced by the authentic.

The realist demand from people what they have lost and forgotten and are indifferent to the anger and hate stirred.

The realist focus on the few who desire the real, objective and practical and are indifferent to the multitude that need the false, pretentious and diluted.

The realist avoid the company of those who device falsehood, who do very well when all is in a state of confusion and conflict.

The realist see within themselves the friend and the foe. The real, rational and practical as the friend and the delusional, irrational and false as the foe.

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