Select Your Battles Carefully

We live in a very competitive world, in societies where our interest may collide with that of others; a world where we may stir up resentment in others for no justifiable reason. All of these and more bring about conflicts and battles. If incautious we spend our lives reacting to others being pulled into their various contests. People out there are angry for reasons only known to themselves, they may have suffered disappointments and feel they can lash out on others, we are surrounded by heated waters.

At work, at home, in schools battles are found, we are sometimes forced into battles we have no knowledge about and such can bring about confusion. An example of this is the family feud where parents raise their children to see certain people as natural enemies. Such children are torn in confusion because they know nothing of what really transpired between both parties. They can take measures that may complicate their lives or get them into serious trouble. Battles are something we need to bring awareness into to realize if they are really worth the fuss.

Time and energy get wasted when we get into incessant battles, many of us are with the habit of complaining about what others have done and how to retaliate. We then spend endless hours rehearsing how to make detractors suffer, yet this is a very difficult and draining game. The whole psychology of battle rest in the simple fact that the mind is distracted, made emotional and sentimental. When the mind is in such states it is difficult to be productive, creative, cooperative which are all needed to live a normal prosperous life.

Mediocrity and failure has deep root in always being distracted from your true goals into unnecessary conflict. In offices this distracts people from being clear headed and objective, it lure them into politics and factions where they oppose each other instead of working together. If we ever want a functional society we must end all unnecessary battles and conflicts and train ourselves not to be easily carried away by our emotion and sentiment. Emotion and sentiment are at root within any conflict where the mind cannot retain access to reason and sound judgment.

On rare occasion we must battle in order to fight for ourselves, protect a good cause, bring about little changes; end bad practices that cause injury to people. At such moment we are called to enter into battle and since it is done with rational objective the result will always play to advantage. This was the case with “Martin Luther King Jr (1929 – 1968)” when he saw he and his kind were segregated and fought nonviolently but strategically for the equality of his people. It ultimately claimed his own life, but it was worth the effort which brought the start to little changes.

Know when it is right to battle and when it is pointless, some battles don’t end well while others change the dynamics.

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