Power Of Mind

The human mind is very vast, its limit stretches beyond what we can imagine. We are ultimately influenced and shaped by the activity of our mind, the direction mind take is the direction of the body. Majority of people do not possess mastery over their mind, it is something they feel beyond governance and such perspective bring about misery on almost every front. When the mind is not trained and governed consciously it works independently and derives control from an unconscious source.

Mind is dominated by sensation of thought and feeling; by a powerful force known as imagination. Mind evoke images which we further interpret with thought and feeling. What each individual experience from childhood shape mind to a certain direction of thought and conviction. Some mind throb with intolerance and violence, another with ambition and productivity, another with fear and insecurities, another with exuberance and mastery. Contents of childhood before the onset of puberty greatly shape the direction of mind.

Persons at maturity should naturally question the content of their mind. They should come to realize most of their action and behavior come from the unconscious past. Much of the unbalanced reality they face stem from the content of childhood. The mind hold powerful memories that will always shape for us until they are changed through conscious training. What we need most is to train and redirect our mind until we reach a point where we can start thinking consciously. From that point we can shape our reality effectively and purposefully.

Shaping reality is not done by wishful thinking or plain affirmation because there are powerful influences at work with strong momentum. Movement from unconscious thinking, feeling and imagination to the conscious is a long and odious path. The majority won’t have the stomach for such work because it will demand fortitude from the individual. Gaining conscious control over the mind come in little progress, and there are times when the living unconscious past will react with flood of imagination, insecure thinking and feeling to intimidate the volition of conscious control.

The key to mind governance is vivid awareness, you have to learn how to watch all mind activity indifferently and not get too involved. When you watch long enough you will begin to experience gaps. Between those gaps is where you have the power to make conscious choices. When there are no gaps all choices are governed by the unconscious past. This is why some persons always repeat the same mistake helplessly. It will take many years of practice for mind to finally yield to your fresh volition, but with patience, endurance, persistence and growing awareness you will finally come to a point of conscious control.

When you experience conscious control you release all minds positive powers. Your thoughts become more rational and realistic, your feelings no longer dominate the background. Imagination is free from conditioning and limitation. With this power you can look ahead to achieve what others term impossible.

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