Your Thought Is Your Help

Every imbalanced circumstance has a faulty reasoning pattern behind it. Just as your thoughts bring to you trouble and conflict they can also bring to you peace and prosperity. When you attain inner peace you begin to let your thoughts do the outside orchestration of necessities for you; while you devote more time to meditation and contemplation.

Thoughts are things because mind influence body and environment. Thoughts that influence us has root in our collective unconscious. Collective unconscious is the sum of all human fear, anxiety, struggle, motivation and striving. This is why persons from Uganda, Mexico, Germany, Algeria can display similar thought pattern. No one can escape the collective unconscious influence on mind but you can train your mind to become immune to its insidious working.

Through discipline and observation you can begin to weaken thoughts that are not beneficial. There are thought patterns that make people insecure which are derived from experience. A child that grows up in biting poverty will be infected with various form of lack thought. Such will settle in his or her subconscious exerting influence long after the experience is gone. Experiences from the past create strong reasoning pattern and defense which everyone must look into if they wish to change the unsuited present.

When you seek help outside your own thought you will never see the root of the trouble. You may receive assistance which may never last or be satisfactory. Looking for someone to love you will never fill the void of childhood experience of neglect and bad treatment. Seeking riches for validation will never fill the void of insecurity and low self perception. Always feeling entitled to peoples help and possessions will never remove the gawking feeling of inadequacy and lack. You must seek the reasoning behind all insecurity and totally heal the wound.

All life experience issue from thoughts that is why a wise man once said: guide your mind more than anything else for out of it comes the issues of your life. You must begin reading good books that improve the quality of your thoughts, you must actively seek companionship with those that improve your mindset, you must also be vigilant what you say. It is more profitable to practice silence most of the time. You must learn the art of meditation and contemplation to be able to still the mind and guide it where you desire.

Whenever a thought come into your mind that you do not like don’t panic and begin to strengthen it, just leave it to revolve without involvement and soon it will dissolve. I must also add that there are thoughts that plague us from the collective unconscious, they just pop into your awareness whether you want them or not. These are the most toxic thoughts that ruins a lot of people because they come in form of negatives. You must develop strong immunity to them because they are maintained by your fellow man. You must protect yourself with constant meditation so that whenever they stray in they will find nothing fertile to germinate.

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