Developing A Serious Personality

There are untold benefit when you decide to cultivate a serious approach toward life. When you strive to become serious there are a lot of things that will no longer fit; you will look at your past behavior and become disgusted with yourself. Lack of seriousness permit immature and rash behavior in which we are sabotaged, weakened and watered-down. When you develop a serious personality you are investing into creating a new kind of person who will find joy in hard work, who will have a keen sense of responsibility, who will set up goals and stick to the completion.

People suffer from illusions, some in form of entitlement mindset where they expect a lot from other people. Believing people owe them something they go about demanding; such is a flippant approach toward life. A man meets a woman for the first time and believe she owes him sex, a woman meets a man she doesn’t really know and believe he owes her a life. When you become serious you develop a honest, realistic and analytical approach toward experiencing. You come to realize no one owes you anything and all that you will ever get should come from what you give.

Whenever you act for reward or gratification then you are not being serious. There are many newbies that feel totally disappointed because they are not recognized. They do what they do for fame, money, popularity and when the rewards are not coming they get very disappointed and even quit. When you decide to develop a serious personality you will do what you do because of the love you have for your craft, you will be indifferent whether you are recognized or not. You will do your work to the best of your ability and find satisfaction within yourself.

Perseverance in the worst of circumstances is not easy for most adults, there are people that feel they cannot live in places where there is no electricity, pipe water and internet connection. They believe their lives will come to an end if they walk on their own two feet or experience extreme hardship. What they fail to understand is that extreme hardship is what made the leaders of various fields that have made their lives easier. Anyone that cannot endure hardship, pain, trying times are those that live just for themselves. They cannot contribute anything tangible to their society because they cannot persevere in the most darkest hours before the light.

Developing a serious personality will help you become aware of your own limitations and realistically aware of your own capabilities. You learn to control your emotions and refrain from careless outburst and tantrum. You hold yourself responsible for your actions, you don’t soft pedal your faults or let yourself off the hook. Becoming serious is about thinking, analyzing, evaluating, ruminating, playing things over in your own mind before you act. When you do these things you anticipate problems and difficulties, so that when they arise you are prepared to deal with them. Ultimately you are on your way to become your own master.

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