Love Of Fate

My formula for greatness in a human being is that one wants nothing to be other than it is, not in the future, not in the past, not in all eternity. Not merely to endure that which happens of necessity… But to love it.

                             Friedrich Nietzsche

In life there are varied situations men find themselves in or are born into. It seem as though we are living a movie or maybe even a script because our lives seem to move in sequence. We have no power over some experience, they are brought on us and we have to live through them whether we like them or not. We can all testify to the fact that reality is not a respecter of  anyone and we can in our various stations face the best and worst that are part of human experience.

Our fate is what we are to go through in life. It is something that has already been predetermined and we have little or no impute on that matter. The family we are born into is fated, whether we are well taken care of or neglected is something we have no control over. Fate is what is imposed on us by some higher authority operating from the whole. Whether we complain, like it or not we must go through the designation. Experience both good and bad provide us with the opportunity to live and become aware; how we exert ourselves will determine if we will become lovers of our fates.

We have no control of a large part of our lives in matters of gain and loss, love and hate, war and peace but we can only adapt, also the changes in society structure is something that must happen and we are either made to live through peaceful times or trying times. If fate then is something imposed upon us is it not wise to adopt the philosophy of being ready for anything. But so many of us live in pretense, we feel we can manipulate our way in and out of anything, we may even harbor thoughts of cheating fate. Of all the existing follies in the world the worst kind is trying to run away from your fate.

We cannot cheat fate we can only swindle ourselves and our fellow men. No matter where you start from you will always return back to that very point. Since fate is something we cannot cheat then it should become what we must adapt to and even embrace. No matter the hand dealt to us we must accept it and seek our modification. If you are born in Africa have no regret because only by living in Africa’s situations can you be modified. Fate gives each individual what he or she need be it pleasant or unpleasant; we must learn to love our fate, to be completely resigned to what life wants to teach us.

When you are resigned to fate you find the power to alter everything you go through from within, you may not change things outwardly but you experience them differently and with time everything in life become easier because you can adapt to them. Those who fight their fate or desire to even cheat it have it worst because when lessons are not learned they persist and later destroy. Embrace everything that happens in your life, they are what you can really call yours. When you don’t own your experiences in life pleasant or unpleasant, good or bad, war or peace, gain or loss you will have nothing that is real.

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