Test The Quality Of People’s Character

Whenever we choose people to work with and associate with, even a life partner we must not be mesmerized by wealth, status, appearance, position, education; instead we must train ourselves to look deep within and see their character. People’s character is formed in their childhood and by what they do on a daily basis which compel them to repeat certain actions subconsciously. Look carefully at people because they never do something just once, if perhaps you were lied to and someone says it won’t happen again you must become vigilant because it can be a pattern.

You can test people’s character by how well they handle insult, failure, loss, disappointment which will come inevitably. Also by the ability to be flexible, how they work and cooperate with others, their level of patience and the ability to learn. Always gravitate toward those who display strength and with all ruthlessness avoid those who display weakness. Also know your own character and where you stand, the good success and progress in your life will depend on it.

Take notice of salient forms of behavior; disappearing when there is too much stress, not completing an important work, becoming defensive when corrected, loving someone when in possession of good fortune and desert them during misfortune. Conversely, suddenly rising up to the occasion and showing great patience and endurance. With this fixed in your mind you can have a clue of who you are dealing with. You pay close attention to everything they do because actions are not isolated from the person they are in fact part of the person. If you ignore evidence of flaws out of pity or foolishness it is your own fault.

Keep in mind the primary rule: people never do something just once. They might try to excuse themselves, to say they lost their heads in the moment, but you can be sure they will repeat whatever foolishness they did on another occasion. In daily life people disguise their character flaws, but in times of stress; anger, envy or any crisis these flaws become apparent. Under stress a lot of people will reveal their insecurities because they have always lacked self control. Also how people handle power, position, good fortune will tell you a lot about them; do they suddenly feel important, feel the need to oppress others, become corrupt and greedy.

It is critical that you measure the strength of people’s character. Strength come from deep within the person. It could be a mix of certain factors such as secure parenting, good mentors along the way and constant self improvement. Strength of character is not something displayed on the outside for attention or importance but it manifest itself as an overall resilience and adaptability. Strong character has a tensile quality, it can give and bend but still retains its overall shape and never breaks.

People of strong character are open to new ideas and ways of doing things without compromising the basic principles they adhere to. In adversity they can retain their presence of mind. They can handle chaos and the unpredictable without succumbing to anxiety. They keep their word. They have patience. Not insecure about their status they can dampen their personal interests for the good of the group, knowing that what works best for the group will in the end make their life easier and better.

People of weak character begin from the opposite position. They are easily overwhelmed by circumstances making them hard to rely upon. They are slippery and evasive. Worst of all, they cannot be taught because learning from others is unbearable. This means you will constantly hit a wall while dealing with them. They may appear to be easy on the eyes at first but they will become a torn on your flesh as time goes on to reveal their character. They are obsessed with status, money and importance and whatever they do has a hidden personal agenda. To minimize costs and damages in experience they should be avoided in whatever form they come across.

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