Lessons From The Practice Of Detachment

1. You create a strong knowing that even if you lose everything, there is always an infinite source of supply.

In life we are troubled by loss in one form or another and we are afraid of diminishing supply. The source of our greed is the fear of what we have diminishing, that is why we are on a restless pursuit of securing more. When we practice detachment we will realize that the universe is self sustainable and we can be aligned with the flow of the world. You don’t need to sacrifice the growth of your awareness for a slice of bread; even if you had everything in this world without awareness you will never know peace and balance.

2. You realize people, situation, circumstance don’t have power over you.

You can grapple with the false idea that people are responsible for you and have control over your fate. You may even believe without people you will not amount to anything. Nobody has power over anyone to decide their fate because we are too puny to be universal authority. Situation and circumstance neither have power over people; if you are plagued with sickness, misfortune, natural disaster you can always see them from other perspective with grants for inner peace or new beginning.

3. The feeling of not having enough dissolves and feeling of gratitude emerge.

When you are attached to anything you can never have enough of that thing. You cannot have enough of money, affection, attention, accomplishment and possession. Feeling of gratitude emerge when you know that what you have is enough for the moment. Life operate in moments and when you can live fully in the moment you will definitely be full of gratitude at what is at hand. Your vision will not always be in the future you will also see what is present and enjoy it.

4. You create positive expectations which make life exciting.

The more detached you become the more you are released from the pangs of frustration, disappointment and agony. This open you to positive expectations because you have the right approach toward life. You can even fearlessly expect the best to come out of the worst situations. And to your surprise you will realize that all the bad experience you had were only bad because you thought they were bad.

5. You feel rich and abundant.

When you realize the infinity of supply in the world you will begin to feel rich and abundant. When you look at the fields clothe with lustrous vegetation and diverse trees you cannot help but feel the riches and abundance. Detachment help you to remove your concept of supply from the human economy and abide by the truth you find in nature which reveals that every life form is in the midst of riches and abundance.

6. You develop the ability to be receptive.

Some of the most important life lessons will come to you in form of instruction and experience, how you are receptive to them will determine how you profit. To become totally receptive you have to leave behind your opinions, judgments, prejudices; all these only make you self absorbed and narcissistic. When you are detached you take life as it is, not how you define it to be.

7. You come to realize there is nothing you own, everything here are temporary.

All that constitute life in this world are only temporary helpers for your awareness to develop. Even your body is a temporary possession you must give up someday. When you practice detachment you see the end from the beginning and you don’t get lost in the maze of mundane living. You realize that one day, which can also be tomorrow; all your striving, effort, accomplishment, affection, need, companion will be left behind.

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