Feelings Of Frustration

Whether you like it or not you have achieved important milestones in your life. Some examples can be noted when you were a child, you struggled for months to take your first step to become mobile, you struggled for years to master a language that clearly allows you to express your needs. Before all this, all you had to do was cry and hope that a loving parent will interpret those expressions of frustration in a way to relieve them.

As adolescents we experienced frustrations that motivated us to strive for independence. These frustrations developed out of many things: leaving home for school each morning, sitting long periods for classes, competing and adapting to strangers who came as peers, intense study for tests and examinations. With such feelings of frustration we were able to realize our creative side, our strength, our character and see our potential.

Our brains unfortunately are not like a good bottle of wine that gets better with age by just sitting in a cool dark room. It need pressure to grow, hardship to develop, persistence to maintain skills over time. Our brains and central nervous systems expect frustration, challenges and difficulties in order to thrive. That is why the acquisition of a new skill, the desire to explore love, happiness and success; the quest for progress and knowledge all have elements of frustration.

A good question to ask yourself is how well do you handle frustration. Do you see difficulty, challenge, hardship as something to overcome or do you feel self pity. Next time you start to feel anger and anxiety building out of situations try not to surrender to them. Whenever you feel frustrated try not to reach out for someone to blame, try not to reach out for substance or a commodity to abuse to make those feelings go away. Believe it or not you may be stunting your brains ability to develop new nerve cell pathways that can aid you in challenging situations later on.

If you are the person who does not handle frustration well, maybe it’s time to learn how to manage them because desire and manifestation will be tested by uncertainty and people will act bizarre. Do not see difficulty, hardship, challenge as something’s that you do not like or need rather embrace them as part of any process. Feel the struggle for all it is worth. Finally, when you have tried everything possible and things are not working as planned, that is the time to relax effort and let go. There are situations and problems that better and solve themselves when you become detached from them.

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