Showing Off Is A Poor Choice For You

The purpose of achieving something or buying something is to be comfortable in your life, or to enjoy life.

You buy, you achieve, you do so for your betterment. It’s about you.

But for some it becomes about others.

Everything you do is to impress others, to show yourself successful, to tease them, to seek approval.

It means your life carries no meaning and is meant only to impress others.

You may love a simple cheap watch, you would still buy the expensive one because it may appeal more to people.


1. You end up not doing what you like.

2. You are insecure about yourself.

3. No matter what you have or achieve, you still need continuous approval of people.

4. Your life becomes a fast and irritating race.

5. You have to be better than people to show them down which is tiring and painful.

In the game of showing off people are always smart enough to judge your intentions. They will find ways to counter you, insult you and smarter ones will use you to their benefit. You will be a fount of laughter, envy and irritation for people.

Lastly, your showoff is a display board for your low self-esteem. Learn to take satisfaction in being yourself, simply being you. Keep your materialistic achievements discreet and not on your sleeves. Showing off is bad for your life in general because your life is never about people it is about you.

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