10 Signs Of Pride

1. You cannot submit yourself to higher authority.

Rebellion is something that we all indulge but there come a time when we must outgrow this negative quality. We cannot kick against various form of authority found in society. We cannot drive crazily, arrive at work intoxicated or late, get verbally angry at a boss, refuse to corporate with the law and public agencies, indulge in vice. Pride incite us to behave rebelliously, to feel we are special and are an exception to every rule.

2. You find it difficult to accept corrections.

We all have blind spots which make us to behave poorly. From time to time we will be made aware of our shortcomings, poor choices and decisions by those in proximity to us. Pride will make it impossible for us to be corrected because we grow defensive and angry. We will stick to our own defense and refuse to see what we are being made aware of. A proud man or woman is at risk of making the same mistakes which may eventually lead to them being marginalized or worst ruined.

3. You don’t have respect for people.

Respect begets respect, this is a thumb rule. When you have no regard for people and treat them as you like, hurt them thoughtlessly, disregard their opinions and beliefs, infringe on their privacy then you will be in for some heavy nastiness you never expected. People may be docile but when over pushed or bullied become very dangerous. Pride makes men and women enemies because they lack tact. Sooner than later those you despise will rise in the ladder and you may find yourself lower than they are.

4. You think that your success and achievements are conclusive.

It takes years of hard work and patience to become successful but it takes only a moment for pride to set in. The aftermath of success can be very messy because we may now have someone who is conceited. Success and achievements are not conclusive because life moves on with fresh challenges. Pride keep the mind revolving on what it has attained and it soon forget that new horizons lay ahead.

5. You think you are better than other people.

Money, good looks, charm, smarts, connections, celebrity status, good intellect, high social standing and position does not make anyone to be better. Ultimately we are all human beings that survive on the same basic things. A President, Mayor, General are only there because of their people, without their people they cannot function. When you lose connection with people you become isolated and in such isolation the worst crimes and miseries are created.

6. You always want to control and manipulate others.

A manipulator and control freak feel themselves very wise. They know how much this person should earn and not exceed, who that person should marry, what should be dished out to the public and withheld, how people’s lives should play out. They believe they are at the helm of everything. They create the rules for the game that only they can break, they possess the same standing as the Supreme Being. Such individuals exhibit the highest form of pride and are not ashamed or scared to toy with people’s lives. When such person’s fall they fall not only to the ground but into the depth.

7. You seek notice everywhere and for everything you do.

We desire attention, we want to be seen and heard, we want our effort to be acknowledged. The truth remain we do not have control over the outcome of our work. We can do the work to the best of our ability and let go. Pride make creators unusually attached to their work and seek to control the outcome. Such will resort to by hook or by crook, all form of subtle manipulation for their work to be recognized and esteemed. If their efforts fail or the attention dwindle they fall into despair.

8. You feel too big to do any small job.

Some people cannot sweep the floor, dress their bed, they feel inferior when washing the dish they use to eat. Some cannot even clean their children up after a dump. They are too big and important to do little chores. Pride takes a man or a woman out of a simple life and give them a rather complicated and grotesque thinking process. Some people are waiting to start out big, they want the fat paycheck to live glamorously, they will turn down anything that seem to belittle them. When such attitude persist one will miss lots of opportunities that would have taken them to the top.

9. You are fond of blaming others.

Pride never lets a person accept responsibility for their actions. A drunk will blame another for his weakness, an irresponsible person will blame another for his or her failures, a criminal will blame the state for his actions. When you are too full of yourself you will never take the blame for anything. Pride blinds a man and woman to their faults and seduce them to see others as the source of their problems.

10. You think that you know everything in life.

The know it all attitude is the most disgusting of all, those with this attitude mostly come as leaders who portray confidence. They give short answers for all questions and believe they have everything mapped out. Pride and myopia work hand in hand and the world seem to revolve around your nose. When you think you know everything you are in big trouble, no matter what you know it is only a tip of the iceberg. Keep your mind open, don’t let pride in to cut you from continuous learning throughout your life.

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