Training The Mind

Naturally the mind will move from one thought to another, from one emotion to another, from one frame to another, it is easily distracted by what is happening, what it sees, and can spend endless hours trying to interpret everything. The key is to guide your mind into entertaining one central idea and try to keep it there for a period. You will have background thoughts and feelings but your willpower and attention should remain on that one central idea.

The central idea must be something meaningful to you, something that lead to personal progress. When you observe your mind whenever you are in love you will find a dynamic. The mind is filled with other thoughts and feelings but that one person always stand out to the rest. That is what is needed but this time it is not a whim, not something that happens randomly but something you do consciously. The secret of focused attention is to have a central idea of what you want and always guide the mind to make such idea prominent.

See your mind as a very vast country in which some areas are unexplored. You have it as a duty to tour through every aspect of your mind. There are areas of conflict in the mind just as there are areas of conflict in the actual world. You will do well to go into battle until such conflicts are won or resolved. The training of the mind is accomplished by awareness and strategy. There are several of such strategies to train the mind; one of them is to form a statement of purpose and regurgitate on it day after day.

If you are observant towards your mind you will notice a certain kind of persistence in mental repetition. When your mind fall into a state of fear or agitation you can observe a certain nagging which can happen for weeks and even months. Such fearful thoughts will keep repeating seeking to find a reality. That is why someone who is scared, agitated, worried, depressed create realities to affirm the strong momentum in their minds. To reverse the process you must do same but this time more deliberately with creating your own mind frames.

We hardly ever think, we hardly ever develop our own true feelings, we are mostly barraged by stimulus from all about the environment and people we meet. You must think for yourself and learn to generate your own feelings of hope, enthusiasm, power that will put you on a good scale of confidence. No one can govern your mind you have to do it by yourself. You have to practice self awareness to know what you want in mind and what you don’t want in mind. It will take you much time to begin to get good grip over the mind but it is worth the effort.

Benefits of a well governed mind are enormous. The first is that you can generate serenity at will, due to focusing on one thing you can weaken all others creating a stable mental environment. The second is that you become more creative, the mind is more creative when less agitated and worried. The third is that you relate better with others, because you can generate feelings of empathy people will become attracted to you. We can go on with the benefits but it will be best to experience them personally. Begin with a simple task of knowing what you want, regurgitate on it and let it become the focus of your active willpower.

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