To All Of My Readers

A happy new year to everyone even though we are in February. I gave blogging a break not out of boredom but out of necessity so urgent that took time for a while. I will tell you all something about life I have observed. You may feel your days are already planned out, that tomorrow so and so will happen and it will be another day of routine; but life has big changes that happen suddenly leaving you cold in reason. That was what happened I was left cold in reason because I thought I had things planned out.

As a reader of this blog you have responsibilities and one of such is to find order and clarity in your life. This blog helps you with that but life by itself is dynamic and non of us even the proficient can encompass every situation with accurate wisdom. We try as much to choose what will bring us closer to the ideal. I urge all of my readers this new year to continue in coming closer to the ideal for only when our eyes are fixed on the ideal can we sift what is wisdom and folly.

This blog has been a journey from the first post to the present, it has come from real time experience and observation, it has come from observing the life of creatures knowing what is noble and ignoble and putting them down as knowledge for those willing to expend time and effort. I want to encourage all those reading this blog to be open to their experiences both good and bad, all the wisdom can be garnered from non judgemental acceptance of all experience.

Every year will have its joys and sorrows. Someone will lose a love one, someone will get promoted, someone will have a baby, someone will experience something indecent. No matter what the tone of the year goes for you, you must still keep gratitude in your heart knowing that all will work out for your own benefit. Try as much as possible not to give excessive attention to things that will elude you, do not have high hopes for anything. Live in the moment. What will come will come. Remember all blessings are attracted by your mental attitude.

We have nothing to be anxious about when we realize we lack nothing. We must have supreme confidence that this year will usher us to new heights of wisdom and insight into what matter above what seem to matter. We must move with an air of accomplishment just knowing we are alive and have access to infinite wisdom and abundance. I still want to express love and appreciation to all those who spend time here, may the light of wisdom continue to guide us all.

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