Life Skills To Develop Before Turning 30

1. Effective Communication

Putting your ideas in a comprehensive manner is a critical part of everyday life. You always want to be understood and also want your intentions to be carried out without hindrances. Developing your communication skills will put you in a place of confidence, positioned to be at the forefront of any endeavor. The art of persuasion is needed more than ever because you will be needing  people on your side. Spend time developing this skill and you will have invested for the serious years ahead.

2. Living With less

We now live in a world that encourages wastefulness, when you read media feeds or turn on your TV you find people with lavish lifestyles owning what they don’t need or ever use. If you get caught up in such drama you will never be able to lead a well grounded life. The ability to live with less is an essential life skill, the ability to be realistic about your resources and manage them will help you avoid complicated situations. When you get better at living with less you are better suited to handle plenty.

3. Boldness And Assertiveness

Before turning 30 you must learn to care less about what others have or are doing. The more you care about what others possess or attain the more timid you make yourself. You want to have a mindset of a go-getter, of someone that is building confidence in their ability to follow their own path or calling. You also want to develop assertiveness to be able to tell people what you want and what you stand for. Boldness has magic to it, people sense it and are pulled by it. It gives you an air of someone destined for great things.

4. Actions For Result

By the time you are 30 you wouldn’t be needing anything that bring about no result. All your actions, communications, associations should put something tangible on the table. You are already married or planning to get married and all you want at this stage of your life is result. Result must not always be monetary, it can also be something intangible as a good reputation. You will need various kinds of result for the demands upon you. Develop a strong bent for result and you will sift out all the unnecessary people, actions that keep you barren.

5. Acquiring Entrepreneur Skills

Everyone should possess the basic skill of managing resources and people, taking risks and converting intangible ideas into tangible forms of business. The entrepreneur in everyone is his or her source of financial freedom. There are businesses of everything and once you can take the step you can acquire the necessary skill to manifest any type of business. The most favorable time to make bold moves  are in your twenties; with the experience and confidence that come after 30 you can take on more braver endeavors.

6. Mindset Of independence

Our infant and adolescent years are made of dependence. At that stage we hold ideas of depending on people for everything which is very normal. When we get into our twenties we must gently begin to relinquish the idea of total dependence. It will be a huge step to begin cultivating the attitude of independence and self reliance which will very much be needed in our thirties. Start by encouraging independent thinking and independent actions. Revolt against any idea that lead you to servitude, rather think in terms of contributing something of value to your society.

7. Taking Criticism Positively

Constructive criticism is what will make you aware of your shortcomings and also what will give you honest feedback about your work. The ability to be able to allow and accept criticism is a very valuable life skill to develop. The only mirror in which to view yourself accurately and gauge your progress is through your critics. If you are criticized for the way you appear in public then it is time to find cues in the criticism. If your attitude is censured it is not time to call people haters, it may be time for self introspection.

8. Gaining From Pain And Mistakes

The ability to transmute pain and mistake into more aware actions will set you apart. Whatever you experience in life has something to teach you about yourself. All the heartache you have experienced is not just to punish you but to open your eyes. The faster you learn from your mistakes the more organized you become. The lessons you gain from pain will make you stronger. Pain and error can destroy as much as they can teach. How you profit from both is a matter of choice.

9. Finding Time For Solitude

We live in an era of noise and constant gregarious action. With the explosion of technology we are barraged with varied forms of sweet distractions. Finding time for solitude will help you collect your thoughts and have a vivid vision for your life. It will also assist you in making aware decisions. Allow periods for boredom where you sit and do nothing; you will be surprised at how you will begin to build a relationship with yourself. Solitude gets you closer to yourself.

10. Cultivating A Leadership Style

By 30 many persons find themselves in leadership roles, be it parenting, leading a team at work, holding a position in a religious community and more. At 30 the pull of responsibility becomes stronger. It will be wise to find your own leadership style before you reach the milestone. Developing your own leadership skill will be vital in how you guide people and make them execute what you want. Once you know your leadership style, you will be confident knowing you can handle people of various fields and personalities.

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