Dropping The Beggarly Approach Toward Life

To sustain oneself is a major task but how you go about it determine the flow of your life experience. People who resort to begging do not go far, those who revert to wooing, sneaky persuasion and manipulation someday come to a dead end. The emotion that drives people into beggarliness must be understood. Such emotion stem from insecurity which can be addressed through faith and confidence.

Successful living is about knowing and believing in value, being balanced in the law of reciprocity. Do you imagine you can survive on begging or do you now realize that you can thrive on giving value. Do you still believe that you can get things through seduction, schemes and ploys, or do you now realize that you must work smarter, adapt, learn and develop important skills to aid yourself.

Beggarly approach undermines your personal value and provoke poor treatment from other people. But why do people still adopt the beggarly approach? Only because they lead life without careful examination of what creates value. Life and survival is hinged on values, the more superior the value, the better the prospect of getting what you want. Artists or business people that give superior value due to endless learning and brilliant work ethics, unleash not just products or works but something with tremendous cultural value.

If your way of living fails to give value then you are doomed to a beggarly life. Many persons do not understand the value of discipline and work in their development. The failure to understand this create disconnect in their reality. It also unfolds a wall of resistance to what they need, hence the onset of their frustration.

Know yourself. Know yourself. These are age long guides for everyone. But only very few heed to such. Fewer apply such knowledge properly. The need to help yourself is fundamental and must be regurgitated upon to create the necessary momentum to become a creative, well educated, highly adaptive individual.

People make the mistake of focusing so much on other people’s lives and affairs, therefore they have poor understanding about their own capabilities. This put them in a weak position and they may try to sway others through deception. Being self sufficient is not appreciated by dullards or persons who discredit development. It is cherished by those who desire to distance themselves from a life of misappropriation.

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  1. Dear Solomon

    Thank you for sharing. This is a great article and one that will be of benefit not only to individuals but to nations.

    As you give you grow and as you teach you learn. And both of them are what lead us to true success.

    Thank you once again for sharing this wonderful wisdoms.

    Best regards


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