Thanks For Life

I am finished with seeking attention. I will express my feelings henceforth only in silence.

I have spent so much time in a fight for good and evil. My heart is now drawn to rest from this moment on.

I have set the limit. What exhausts me I have thrown out. It does not amuse them that I have done so.

I have searched for peace. Round and round again. I cannot tell how long.    

In my search for peace I lost my edge. My heart lost its edge. My hands lost its grip.

Now fill my heart with peace. With peace day and night. Peace I cannot extinguish. That run decades long.

I hold back from any show of strength. For victory rounds up in defeat. I hold back from any show of strength. For laughter ends up in tears.

I was saved by being denied the many things I wanted. My life found fulfillment in not getting the many things I wanted. And for those things I never asked for; mind and breath, health and nourishment. Each day I am made fit for them.

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