Life in this world is measured with time, all we can ever do is done with time. We are born at a particular time and we pass- on also at a given time. Time is unarguably the most precious component of this dimension, when time is wasted or given to trifles it cannot be recovered. People are deficient in many areas of their lives because of misuse of time. They still are not their best selves, they never invested time in meaningful pursuits.

Time killing is destructive, people fritter time or kill time with social media activities, entertainment, gossip and trifling speech, mind altering drugs, alcohol, these grow to become addictions just to avoid being conscious of time. Nothing by itself is wrong but the lack of moderation lead to excesses. When you have such a habit you surely end up wasting your life.

If you cannot manage your time you definitely cannot manage your life, both work hand in hand. Those that adversely waste time end up dependants that pester other people’s resources and have the entitlement mindset. They remain backward at the time they should be prosperous, craftily waiting for the proficient time users to attain their goals, hoping to enjoy benefits from others.

Keeping to time is increasingly becoming difficult, young folks are late to interviews with good excuses, late to classes, late to functions, late to return home, late in almost everything. And on the other hand the adults don’t keep to stipulated time, exceeding the given time for an event. Time should be respected both personal time and other people’s time.

Trusting people that cannot keep to time is unwise, they will display sloppiness in other areas of their lives. People that never learn to use time early on regret later on. The best use of time is using it doing what you love, what will profit you sooner or later. Every second count, spend a minimum of two hours a day reading books, or productivity that suits your predilection or talent related area, this will improve your life. Remember when you invest your time properly today you have nothing to fear tomorrow.

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