Truth Be Told On Relationships

People hardly speak the truth these days. Everything is well coated in sugar to have a pleasant taste. A lot of things are amiss and love being one of them has sunk into lies and hypocrisy_ please me and I please you_ don’t tell me the truth that hurt_ ignore me when I am out of vibe_ tolerate my weaknesses and be my strength; such is the undertone of many relationships. You end up living with someone’s unresolved problems and complexes for the rest of your life.

Marriage has become just another partnership with nothing furthering about it_ where spouses engage and punish each other without a wince. Vows are carefully knotted around a ring of materialism and the moment a little storm rocks the boat one or two of the couple’s are seen running for their lives. We hurry into things that we soon run out of because time is not taken for self discovery and you cannot give that which you don’t have.

Friendships are as filthy as gutters, how many of us can boast of true friends. In time of discomfort they mostly flee and give flimsy excuses for not turning up, you have to find your way out of difficulties only for familiar faces to pop- out of nowhere when things get better. They seek to be part of the entourage of success but will disappear the moment they should be a strong source of inspiration.

Parents are losing grip on their children, they believe school discipline, providing shelter, clothing and bodily gratifications are all that count. Many children are slipping into the dark alley of crime without the parents notice. All they care about is going out and coming home tired_ mumble few instructions and are off to bed. Children run rings under such leadership until they get into serious trouble.

Relationships are troubled because of lack of self discovery and awareness. We mostly chase after qualifications and monetary rewards, neglecting our attitude and character which form an important dimension in life. With the right attitude and awareness we become better students, lovers, friends, leaders, parents and more. We radiate honesty and integrity in all our dealings; creating wonderful experience for each other.

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