Living The Hard Way

Self discipline entail living your life the hard way, resisting temptations, distractions and instant gratifications; in order to receive bigger and better rewards in the future. Many people don’t even bother about the future, where they want to be five to ten years from today. They live without long term goals which should have given them motivation to remain disciplined on a daily basis.

Life gradually become easy over time when you are used to the hard way, because you develop the grit and discipline that is needed in facing difficult situations.

It is easier to avoid all kinds of discomfort, to indulge yourself whenever you want, but in the end all you get from that approach is fleeting pleasures now at the expense of a brighter future. Weak willed people always seek the easy way out, when faced with challenges they hide behind usual indulgence. They prefer to drink, to talk, watch TV shows, seek meaningless relationships in order to evade rather than face the challenges in front of them.

Challenges are solved from inner strength, from training on self discipline which happens over time. Weak willed people never use their time wisely, and when demands of life are made on them they are always found unprepared.

Nobody has achieved anything tangible out of the desire to always feel comfortable. The feeling of pleasure should come out of pain, whenever pleasure precede pain the challenges that ensue are usually insurmountable due to the lack of self discipline. How we manage crisis tell us a lot about ourselves and those that practice self discipline on a daily basis know how to get out of crisis situations skillfully.

If you ever have a peevish need to know where people around you will end up years from now, look into their day to day practice of self discipline. Where this is lacking whatever they have will not last because it cannot be maintained. So many people are experiencing beautiful things that will sooner or later come to an end. Without hard work, self discipline and patience nothing in your life will stand the test of time.

When you voluntarily choose to live the hard way, you seek out and welcome challenges; nothing hits you by surprise because you have anticipated them and practiced handling them. You learn to view difficulties as an opportunity to grow and each self imposed practice of self discipline strengthens you, so that fewer and fewer difficulties in life overwhelms you. Day by day you immunize yourself against problems which come inevitably, precisely because you seek them out.

And finally when life deals you an unexpected blow, you are always ready to handle it because_ thanks to living the hard way_ you are always ready for any situation.

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  1. Insightful. My favourite quote from Maya Angelou is ” Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage you cannot practice any of the other virtues consistently”, practising self-discipline requires courage and living the hard way is the one virtue that defines a courageous person.

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