Devout And Hypocrites

The devout live by practice, he or she uses sacred instruction to gain some measure of stability. The hypocrite is different, he or she crave sacred knowledge for importance and to lead others in what they don’t practice.

The devout know there are layers upon layers of faults to drop and they go about it in a modest way. The hypocrite sees no fault in themselves only in others; their chief duty is to help others overcome their flaws.

The devout keep status, riches, power, influence, education outside the door when it comes to matters of faith. The hypocrite carries their importance, status, riches, power, education into matters of faith.

The devout practice honesty, what they do not know they admit. The hypocrite practice dishonesty, they claim what they do not know; and when questioned they falter.

The devout renounces the ego in search of something larger, they acknowledge their smallness in the vast universe. The hypocrite enhances their ego and believe themselves the center of everything; when they are sad they feel the whole world should be sad.

The devout view position of authority as someplace one should be well prepared for and avoid striving for such when unprepared. The hypocrite fight and struggle for position of authority only to reveal the flaws in their character.

The devout teaches in practice at the grocery store, office, at home and other random places. The hypocrite teaches only where there are large crowds of people in hope to impress and gain power.

The devout is farsighted in approach and perception, seeing things being connected to another and leading to a larger purpose. The hypocrite is shortsighted and live for immediate praise; all they do begins and ends in vainglory.

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