Wisdom Of Trees

Trees are some of the most profound teachers on the planet, with the ability to shift our consciousness into unparalleled dimension. The composition of a tree serves as our most cataclysmic awakening. Let’s consider the construction of the various elements of the tree, how it can be a touchstone for immerse spiritual growth.


When unfurled in their luscious glory, leaves express themselves in myriad of colours, predominantly they reveal themselves in viridian greens, a colour known for healing, abundance and vitality in life. Leaves draw our attention into a sense of opulence, health and luxury, waving us with the guide of the gentle breeze into a life of relaxation.


Ever extending themselves to reach out for more, a tree is never bothered about greed. And through their branches they are always seeking more light, more freedom, more sensory awareness. Branches are amazingly nimble, they can grow in gravity defying contortions. This is a huge lesson for us never to be afraid to branch out and expand in your awarness. For Life depends on expansion.


Outer tree bark protect the whole from potential harsh cruelty of the world, while on the inside there is an intricate system of circulation and energy flow. Trees are renewed from the inside out. This is sacred wisdom passed to us by trees: our only source for renewal first comes from within.


They form a symbolic union with the earth, drawing from her various nutrients and water. Tree roots can span for miraculous length, they are not seen they remain underground. In much the same way our spiritual progress remains hidden from outside view, our growth and power occur beneath superficial layers.

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