Object Of Our Search

What do you seek? Is it wealth, fame, family, recognition, love, attention, wisdom, enlightenment. What we seek is the driving motive of our lives be it conscious or unconscious. Every individual is seeking something be it material, ethereal or spiritual.

The object of our search is what separate or unite husband and wife, brother and sister, leader and subordinate, friend and relative. People harmonize with each other when the object of search is in unison. Someone that is seeking the material alone must ever be in conflict with the other seeking the ethereal and spiritual.

Birds of the same features move together and we should only accommodate with those that are homogeneous with us. To avoid any heartache and pain move with your kind and blatantly reject those of alternative values. Those that seek money alone will gravitate to each other, those that seek fame, power and status only will attract each other, and they that seek spiritual liberation will find each other.

Those that seek liberation should be ready for the fiery furnace, the scourges of misunderstanding, the eyes of contempt. Liberation is a strange object of search in a materialistic world. It always begins with loneliness, rejection, perseverance and slowly transmutes into joy, freedom, conscious living. The path is of no return, once the soul is sparked afire with desire for liberation, nothing is enough not even a pot full of gold.

Of all the seekers on the labyrinth path, only those that seek the soul find the straight road. The famous, the rich, the genius, the powerful, the pleasure hungry are all plagued by the polarities of the material universe. They turn in circles shape-shifting from one form to the next, rejoicing in illusory movements and fleeting passage that revolves around the same propensity.

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