On the wings of humility we journey through life joyously. On the wings of pride we fall from great heights to face disgrace.

Humility keeps trouble outdoor, lets only what is needed to come in. Pride stirs conflicts, calls hatred and wrath which will sooner or later rend it apart.

Humility bridle the lips, speaks gently and cautiously; free from gossip and slander. Pride is bombastic in speech, rambunctious by nature, creating a filthy pool in which it must swim through.

Humility makes a man patient and understanding of life’s situation, getting the best at the proper time. Pride makes a man hasty and full of wild ideas, complaining about hard times, taking decisions that lead to shame.

Humility keeps a man within his means of livelihood, happy and progressive in his own way. Pride brings about comparison and competition with entangles and leaves the fool in a lurch.

Humility can wait until the hour for exaltation. Pride cannot wait, always struggling to show itself for undeserved honors, finding humiliation and failure.

Humility is not bothered by insult, the very nature makes it immune to bad behavior. Pride can kill when insulted or dishonoured, can forever harbour thoughts of revenge, is downcast and broken.

Humility is balanced when in position of power and authority, is careful to lead by example. Pride is haughty, full of self importance and arrogance, seeking others to be slaves and at the mercy of strange whims.

Humility is calm in tribulation, can access wisdom in any kind of situation. Pride lead to prejudice, cannot stand hard times and is boastful and evil in good times.

Humility keeps all types of relationship moving in harmony. Pride destroys the best of love and respect. Remember at all times to abide within the fortress of humility.

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