Relativity Of Time

Life is unique to each individual and so is time. We live in different worlds in the same world, it’s a paradox and a reality. Comprehension vary and what one person call a waste of time is fulfillment of time for another. There is the absolute clock time which govern human activity, this time has relativity to events and happenings. Individuals may arrive at the same time to an interview but what will happen during that period of time is relative to each individual.

Relativity of time dictate that individuals are never moving at the same frequency, they may seem on the same path, same route, same planet but move on different wavelengths. This explains the different degree of evolution found among the human species. Someone may live for ten years and it is as if he has lived for one hundred years and another can live for one hundred years and it is as if he has not lived at all.

Societies seem to ignore this law paying the penalty when people are trained to think, deduce and even speak in the same line. The dark side of this is that there is a collective consciousness which fights against anything different and novel. Many societies have remained stagnated for centuries, with continuous repetition of the same destructive circle; this is brought about by the neglect of the law of relativity in human activity.

When people realize that they are never moving on the same line there will be less of comparison and emotional agitation, each will then move relatively to their individual unfolding, this is true for individuals and nations. It also takes away envy and a covetous outlook, knowing that the amount of time put in personal development equals the improved level of awareness. All life forms must exert themselves continually or come to standstill and further retrogression.

We all have a role to play in the universe. What we refuse to develop and express may not affect the universe per se but will disturb our personal experience. Purpose govern all things and all found in life has a driven purpose. We are all given the experience we need to be able to find our center in time and space. When we are committed to finding the purpose of existence, we naturally move in harmony with the universal current which take us to new dimensions we have seldom known.

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