Tilled Fields

The more sinful a nation, people lose power to detect the best leader to govern them. They choose any scum with high sounding words and cheap morals who will certainly haul them toward destruction.

Cloven like is the door towards death with the noisome call of separation and grief. Those that are ripened for the passage feel the encroaching darkness that someday engulf all beings.

A poisonous snake coil and wait in ambush, when vulnerability is revealed strike the death venom. The seducer also watch and wait in ambush, when the prime target appear strike the poison venom of infatuated love.

Lasting change does not take place overnight, it work with a process that demand growth overtime. And when the big changes begin to materialize there is no surprise or astonishment.

Pay attention to the envious and malicious around you, they always desire to pull you down. We most times ignore the stain on the floor only to slip off in a headlong fall.

Trial and tribulation are certainties when you embark the journey to find your life task; there is no triumph without defeat and freedom without struggle.

Money will become less of a burden if you can stop worrying about it. Focus on what is at hand, performing all activity to the best of your ability. Money will sneak up like a thief of the night when you least expect.

Sudden wealth is dangerous from it deep confusion may arise, but wealth that is built overtime produce discipline and patience. As a stream attract every creature, so does riches attract bad company.

Deer trail is easily picked up by a cheetah and it decode where the flock are headed. The mental attitude of a man is found in his actions and where he will end up is traced by his daily habits.

Salty meals are disagreeable on the tongue, so is a discontent wife a bitter pill in the mouth. She is spitfire to her consort who never delight in the thought of returning home.

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