10 Timeless Traits To Possess

1. Good Work Ethics

Hard work, patience, commitment is what sails you through in any work environment and it is also what make you valuable over time. Good work ethics is what will make you take good care of yourself and your family. When you show commitment in any endeavor you are able to sail through obstacles and challenges to meet with your goals and objectives. If you can work hard and long, putting in your best in what you do then you can be rest assured of having a good living.

2. Ability To Gather Information

When you lack the ability to gather information, do research, strategically observe you may never have the right result you desire. Whether you are starting a business, doing a project, working on a job, the ability to gather relevant information will always serve you well. There are books on all topics under the sun be it parenting, logic, agriculture, pottery, business management; it will serve you well to gather knowledge and history before entering any cause for practical action.

3. Minding Your Own Business

Minding your own business is a very important quality in life because it makes you aware of your most important priorities. When you spend time on other people’s affairs what time will be left in handling your own affairs. We live in a distracted world and the ability to remain focused on what is important to you will set you apart. Time and energy are limited resources and what you do with them both will determine the success of your endeavors.

4. Expressing Talent

Imagine a group of friends going out on a picnic and as the day lengthens they all feel bored. Unexpectedly someone in the group brings out a guitar and strings out beautiful music; you can imagine how his or her friends will react. That is the power of developing some talent. No matter what your talents are or how insignificant you think they are try to develop them into expression. Many persons have been astonished where their insignificant talents have taken them to.

5. Dressing Appropriately

You cannot underestimate the power of first impression, you will want to make it work for you not against you. You are also going to be judged by your appearance by a lot of people. Looking your best for every occasion will never get out of taste, it is something that will always get you the right reception. You owe it to yourself to look your best, to wear fitting clothes that give you confidence in sending a message of what you stand for and how you want to be treated.

6. Practice Good Personal Hygiene

Health is wealth, so it must be taken into serious consideration. Practicing personal hygiene is not a lesson for children but for everyone. It is easy to get sloppy with routine. Take regular baths, washing of the teeth and tongue, treatment of the nails, grooming of the hair. Wash your clothes regularly and have a healthy rotation of underwear. Also study the hygiene of those you have sexual intimacy with to avoid transmitted diseases.

7. Ability To Remain Calm

Life is not a smooth journey without ups and downs, there will be days when everything will decide to go south and that is exactly the time you need to display calm. So many persons lose their cool as soon as they experience stressful situations, they display anger, envy, insecurities and even self loathing when negative things are happening. That is not what you need, you will be needing calm to sail through the dark nights.

8. Ability To Relate And Cooperate With Other People.

Developing people skills is a valuable quality to possess. You will be needing people through the cause of your life in one way or another. The ability to understand, navigate and cooperate with them will ensure that you get the best result from the encounter. The best human relationships are formed when you have the ability to listen, to feel empathy, to allow vulnerability, to express honesty and commitment to proper values. People can sense if you are made of true substance or just another sham.

9. Displaying Self Confidence

Being comfortable in your own skin, showing care and loving kindness towards yourself, being mild on yourself when you make mistakes, working on things that matter most to you all add up to give you proper self confidence. Self confidence is something intangible but can be felt or perceived in the way you carry yourself and conduct your activities. People are drawn to authenticity, boldness, clear thinking and are repulsed by timidity, undue shyness and poor self worth.

10. Subconsciously Radiating Innocence

Have you met someone for the first time and completely trusted the person beyond normal skepticism. Have you also met someone for the first time and you felt deceit, lies without having any dealings with them. We are radiating our true nature whether we are aware of it or not. Actions performed over time will create an aura around you. Those that practice deceit, criminal actions, will come to inspire caution in others. Those that practice honesty, harmless actions, spiritual devotion will soon develop an aura of innocence.

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